Hi, I’m Tom and I'm a web developer with a passion for iOS, based in the UK. This is my blog where I write mostly about web and iOS development. If you're curious you can read more about me, view my portfolio or my apps I've published.

Recent Posts

Wager 4

Wager was the very first app I built for iOS back in 2010 and was released for iOS 4. It was the app I used to learn Objective-C and now version 4 has been built from scratch using Swift. Wager is available to download from the App Store.

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Multiply Jekyll Config Files

Here is an example of how having multiply Jekyll _config.yml files can make it easier when developing your site locally or building it for the staging or production servers.

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WordPress & Vagrant Workflow

I while back I posted about my WordPress setup which covers the tools I use for my local WordPress development. In this article I will be going more in-depth about how to set everything up. At the end of this article you will have a configurable sandboxed environment that is consistent and can be distributed between team members.

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My WordPress Setup

I have recently completed my first WordPress site and would like to take the time to explain my local WordPress development environment and how I keep the production, staging and local sites in sync.

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