Swift Resources

The other day I managed to sit down and start to get to grips with Apple’s new programming language Swift. Already there appears to be a huge amount of top quality learning material. Below I have listed resources that I found useful.


The first place to look is Apple’s developer site. There’s lots of material, from the official Swift blog to videos of WWDC 2014 sessions and of course the Swift book.

Cheat Sheets

Closures in Swift just like blocks on Objective-C are going to take a while to memorise a good cheat sheet is always handy to have close by.


Some great books on Swift are now available to purchase.

Unit Testing

Sample Code

One of the best ways to learn is by looking at some sample code.


Last but not least, Treehouse now offer a course on Swift. The course covers the basics, functions and optionals and walks you through building an app in Swift, great for the beginner.